Coorest: A New Carbon Credit Standard

Voluntary Carbon Market Challenges, Coorest Solution, and Fundraising Coorest is a new-generation carbon credit standard that addresses the problems of the VCM. such as: Solution Coorest’s platform is blockchain-based, which makes it more accessible, transparent, and traceable than traditional carbon credit registries and exchanges. Fundraising Coorest has raised funding from Chainlink and through an Initial…

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Flowcarbon Goddess Nature Token

Flowcarbon Goddess Nature Token in Focus Established in 2021, Flowcarbon has recently secured a whopping $70 million in funding to expand its platform and team. Out of this, a16z crypto contributed $32 million, alongside notable investments from General Catalyst, Samsung Next, Invesco Private Capital, among others. The residual amount was garnered through the sale of…

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Tokenized carbon credits

Tokenized Carbon Credits

Challenges of Voluntary carbon market Traditional procedure for trading carbon credits of the voluntary standards is quite complex and expensive. The participant must undergo a KYC (know your customer) procedure. Then pay a fee for opening an account, an annual fee for its maintenance, and a commission for each transaction with carbon credits. If for…

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MCO2 Token and the Amazon Forest

The challenges in VCM that MCO2 addresses. The MOSS Carbon Credit (MCO2) token was established to fund climate projects in the Amazon forest and to tackle various challenges faced by the voluntary carbon market (VCM) MCO2 Token Specifications Carbon offsets were bridged from October 2020 to April 2022. Carbon offsets from various climate projects were…

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Base Carbon Tonne

Base Carbon Tonne Analysis

The Toucan Protocol leverages blockchain and smart contract capabilities to establish a foundation for tokenizing carbon offsets. This not only simplifies trading but also broadens the use cases of carbon offsets. Dive deeper into the tokenization methods and carbon pooling process of the Toucan Protocol in the linked article. The culmination of these methods is…

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Nature Carbon Tonne Analysis

The Toucan Protocol, a service grounded in blockchain and smart contract technologies, provides the infrastructure for the tokenization of carbon offsets. This streamlines the trading process and expands the applications of carbon offsets. You can read more about the Toucan Protocol’s tokenization and the carbon pooling process in this article. The Nature Carbon Tonne (NCT)…

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