About Portal

About Portal

The portal is exclusively dedicated to voluntary carbon standards for the implementation of climate projects. ‘Voluntary’ means that these standards are not regulated by any government or international agreements. Verra and the Gold Standard are excellent examples of such standards.

Target audience includes those interested in gaining fundamental knowledge for three main purposes:

  1. Initiating climate projects and participating as stakeholders.
  2. Investing in climate projects as individual investors.
  3. Buying and selling carbon credits.

The information is structured as follows:

  1. Guides and related posts:
  2. Market News and Analytics:
    • Market news and analysis are published in a separate section called ‘Carbon Market News’ on the website. All information from the section is collected in a dedicated category for news and analytics, available weekly.

To access recent posts, carbon news, and analytics, users have three options:

  • 1) visit the website,
  • 2) subscribe to social media groups at the bottom of this page,
  • 3) subscribe to receive email updates at the bottom of this page.

The portal is run for educational purposes by Carbonprof company. You can find the information about the editor at the link.