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author of blog carbonadvisor.org
The author of the Carbonadvisor blog, Dmitri Volosiuc

Greetings to you, reader of the blog Carbonadvisor.org!

I would like to share some words about my journey to climate regulation and carbon markets.

In 2019, I founded an environmental non-profit organization called “Zakonnik” in Moldova. Our main focus was on improving legislation, protecting nature, and environmental education. However, I realized that environmental protection initiatives often lose out to political or economic interests. The only way for green initiatives to succeed is to be profitable at the same time.

So, I switched to the closely related field of climate regulation and carbon markets. I started sharing the findings of my research on my blog, Carbonadvisor.org. Initially, the blog was written in Russian, and climate project initiators from Russian-speaking countries began to contact me for consultations.

Through this experience, I gained extensive knowledge about:

  • International carbon market systems (Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement)
  • Independent carbon standards programs (Verra, Gold Standard)
  • Compliance schemes
  • Creation of national climate regulation systems
  • Carbon credit tokenization
  • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of a climate project and the carbon offsets it produces
  • Financing of carbon projects

At the same time, I actively participated in DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) that invested in climate projects around the world. This allowed me to validate and deepen the knowledge I had gained from my blog and consulting work.

I am now continuing to write on my blog in English, participating in DAOs, and acting as an independent expert.

Carbonadvisor.org will be beneficial for:

  • Climate project initiators
  • Investors
  • Buyers of carbon offsets
  • Experts who want to get the latest voluntary carbon market news

Why I run the Carbonadvisor.org website:

  • It helps me systematize the information.
  • I have a desire to share the information with the community.
  • the blog provides an opportunity for me to find potential partners in ReFi and the climate project spheres.

My higher education:

  • Kharkiv Law Academy (2003-2008)
  • Kyiv Academy of Personnel Management (2011-2012)

My additional education in the field of sustainable development and blockchain:

  • Active Eco – NGO Ecovisio course, April 2019
  • Introduction to Conservation, Prioritizing Species and Spaces, Understanding Illegal Wildlife Trade, Conservation Project Planning – National Geographic programs, November-December 2019
  • Video blogging – Russian movement “Eka” program, November-December 2020
  • International Legal Instruments for Environmental Protection and Human Rights – Ecology-Law-Human NGO program, December 2020-May 2021
  • ESG – Sber-University program, April 2022
  • ESG and Sustainable Development of Food Systems – Akron company program, May 2022
  • Blockchain and money – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. July 2023

For collaboration inquiries, you can reach me through my Facebook or LinkedIn profiles