Coorest: A New Carbon Credit Standard

Voluntary Carbon Market Challenges, Coorest Solution, and Fundraising Coorest is a new-generation carbon credit standard that addresses the problems of the VCM. such as: Solution Coorest’s platform is blockchain-based, which makes it more accessible, transparent, and traceable than traditional carbon credit registries and exchanges. Fundraising Coorest has raised funding from Chainlink and through an Initial…

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Regen network

Understanding the Concept of Regen Network

The Genesis of Regen Network Established in 2017 by Gregory Landua and Christian Shearer, Regen Network encompasses two primary entities: Regen Network Development, Inc., a for-profit corporation, and Regen Foundation, which is applying for non-profit status. This unique structure blends the innovative drive of a private corporation with the selfless commitment to the public good…

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