Solid World: DeFi Platform For Climate

Solid World Investment


Solid World is a DeFi platform that allows climate project developers to access working capital and carbon offsets buyers to access quality supply at market rates.

Solid world Scheme

Current problems of the voluntary carbon market:

  • Carbon projects face challenges accessing liquidity, which prevents them from scaling up their operations.
  • There is a lack of high-quality supply of certified carbon credits.
  • The carbon market is fragmented and opaque, which makes it difficult for suppliers to meet demand and find the right organizations to finance them.
  • The carbon market is expected to face a supply crunch by 2030. However, the market is not scaling fast enough to meet this demand.


  • Solid World enables carbon projects to sell forward credits at a discount, bridging the funding gap and enabling them to thrive.
  • Solid World’s CRISP framework provides a standardized way to assess the risks of carbon projects, empowering all industry stakeholders to make informed decisions.
  • Solid World connects carbon projects with potential buyers.

Offer for Suppliers

Solid World allows carbon project suppliers to access working capital by forward-selling their carbon credits.

There are several benefits to using Solid World for early financing:

  • Suppliers can access working capital even before their carbon credits are certified during the planting or registration phase.
  • Suppliers by themselves make decisions of selling carbon credits in the desired quantities as long as the price is attractive.
  • DeFi platform reduces or eliminates the need for additional administrative inquiries by providing comprehensive project information and a transparent evaluation process.
  • DeFi platform attracts more investors because of the ability to buy and sell carbon credits in a transparent and regulated way.

To access working capital, suppliers need to follow these steps:

  1. Submit their carbon project to Solid World’s team.
  2. Go through the CRISP scoring process and Curation Council approval.
  3. Onboard and tokenize their carbon project. Each token represents a promise to deliver one carbon credit in the future.
  4. Start stream selling their forward credits to Solid World’s pools.

Offer for Distributors


  • High-quality inventory: Solid World only lists carbon credits that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. This ensures that the credits meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity.
  • Transparent pricing: Distributors can easily calculate the deal price before making a purchase. This transparency enables distributors to negotiate contracts and pricing with confidence.
  • Stream buying: Distributors can purchase carbon credits in the exact quantities required. This gives them greater control and flexibility in meeting the specific demands of their clients.
  • Publicly available CRISP reports and contracts: All CRISP reports and underlying signed contracts for the listed projects are made publicly available.
  • Partnership opportunities: the company welcomes collaborations with distributors.

Project buying process:

  1. Go to the project page on the Solid World platform.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Select the project tokens you want to buy.
  4. Pay for the tokens using the CRISP-scored pool token.

Solid World allows buyers of forward carbon credits to take their credits off-chain. To initiate this process, buyers need to contact Solid World and request to take their credits off-chain. Solid World will then burn the project tokens and notify the supplier of the contract transfer. The supplier will then deliver the carbon credits to the buyer off-chain.

CRISP-M token

The first CRISP Scored pool for Mangrove (CRISP-M) was launched in May, 2023.

CRISP-M pool parameters:

  • The project involves Verra Mangrove Restoration forwards that are valid for up to 5 years from the date of issuance.
  • The project must be registered with VCS Program. If the project developers have a demonstrable track record of successful initiatives,  planting operations may be enough to start.
  • Over 50% of the benefits from the project must be directed towards local communities.
  • Only credits that achieve an A to AAA CRISP score will be considered.

Solid World For Liquidity Providers

To get and stake CRISP-M LP tokens, you are lending CRISP-M and USDC tokens to the Gamma Protocol. In return, you earn fees from the transactions. 

At the time of writing this post, the total value stacked in the CRISP-M Liquidity Pool is 1,075,817.31 USD (52.12% USDC, 47.88% CRISP-M). To get one LP Token you need to deposit 15.90 USDC or 0.47 CRISP-M. The variable annual percentage rate (APR) of LP Tokens is 14.11%, which is made up of 10.00% USDC and 4.11% CRISP-M.

The matchmaking for CRISP-M in the Liquidity Pool happens within a specific price range, initially set between 18.85 USD and 48.05 USD per CRISP-M. At the time of writing CRISP-M price is 30.69 USD.

Real-time information can be found on the Dune Dashboard   

How Solid World Is Mitigating Stacking Risks:

  • Use an independent verification standard VCS with demonstrated demand
  • Mitigate delivery risk with the CRISP Framework. Sets caps on how much supply is allowed to be forward sold via Solid World.
  • Provide underlying legal contracts with replacement guarantees. These include contingencies in shortfalls and moving the shortfall risks to suppliers
  • Curation Council for Consensus-based Curation. The top 7 Liquidity Providers, including many project developers, can veto poor-quality projects.
  • Security audits of smart contracts. Smart contracts and audits are publicly available on GitHub
  • Use third-party market mechanisms. Liquidity is handled via Gamma Protocol on Uniswap V3.

How to Participate in Solid World Liquidity Pool:

  1. Connect a wallet to Solid World app
  2. Deposit CRISP-M or USDC tokens into the Gamma Liquidity Pool, get LP tokens 
  3. Unlock Staking by Submitting KYC
  4. Stake Your LP Tokens to Get Rewards. The rewards come from two sources: forward carbon credits through time appreciation and USDC through direct incentives by Solid World.